Sex, chocolate and Lady A

Chicago women left their partners at home to learn about their sexy parts while imbibing and nibbling fine chocolate for charity on Wednesday. Aside from inspiring some fantastic ideas for her next “Cock/Tail” party (“find your g-spot” demonstrations on a velveteen vulva pillow, anyone?), the Women’s Health Foundation fundraiser managed to achieve something rare: They taught Lady A a thing or two. Three, if you count their “Healthy Bladder Bathroom Tips” handout, and you probably should because who can honestly say they knew about the “squeeze before you sneeze” pelvic technique? Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

One might not necessarily equate a lecture on pelvic health with fast, flirty fun, but that’s the beauty of this nationwide program. Pink parts education is actually a pretty easy sell, when the promise of hot sex is involved, so Sex, Chocolate & Your Pelvic Floor sets out to help all women achieve that goal through simple exercise, empowerment and education. Howard Brown’s Lesbian Community Care Project was there handing out cherry lube and dental dams in mint and banana flavors.

Physical therapist Julie Wiebe was willing to risk her life for her audience’s orgasm, climbing onto a stool at one point, to demonstrate her “ski jump” method of engaging pelvic muscles from butt to front for a better grip during penetration. And G Boutique co-owner Cheryl Sloane’s girl-friendly sex toy recommendations were definitely hot and lesbi-friendly. If you’re ever in her Bucktown store, ask her about the Magic Banana. Eschewing the conventional phallus shape, this toy has no vibrator and just happens to reach nerves in your vagina you never even knew you had, you lucky girl.

Walking the room, pre-presentation, Lady A met many audacious ladies representing gay, straight and in-between. At the illustrated poster, she identified the name of a popular sex position for a small group of curious women. “That’s called, Reverse Cowgirl?” said one. “It’s my favorite position. I never do it though. I’m afraid I’m gonna fart.”

Thus, proving that everyone can use a little more confidence in their pelvic floor.

Much gratitude to the Women’s Health Foundation for providing fun, informative events with women in mind. At the next event, go ahead and save a space (and a velveteen vulva pillow, if possible) for Lady A.

Sex, Chocolate & Your Pelvic Floor was organized by Women’s Health Foundation executive director Colleen Hogan Kelly, and hosted at Beauty Bar with a portion of the proceeds going to educational initiatives, community-based programs and the further advancement of pelvic health research.

For more information, visit their website.

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