Angus Eats. . . M Burger

M Burger. Photo: Angus Gorberg.

If you’re like me and love burgers, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of M Burger, 161 E. Huron St. From the folks who brought you Michelin-stared Tru, M Burger was named as such from how their French chef would pronounce “hamburger” when it was ordered. The West has In-N-Out, New York City has Shake Shack, and Chicago has M Burger. Similar to In-N-Out, M Burger has achieved such great success (with three other locations popping up around town) not just for their fresh ingredients and huge portions of fries, but for their secret menu. That’s what we’re breaking down today, and I’ve got something here nobody’s covered before.

Tomatoes are second only to pickles on my burgers, so it’s natural that I was happy to discover the Dr. Betty. Sometimes a thick-cut tomato isn’t enough, or you’, so a beef patty enters the fray. Want it spicy? Saunter up to the counter and order up some Hurt. Naturally, the Hurt Burger comes in three degrees, each with greater levels of spicy BBQ sauce and fresh jalapeños. M Burger is the one place I beg for the third degree. Want to keep things simple? Just order a regular grilled cheese. The best part of all of these burgers? We’re talking custom here, so order as many patties as you like. Wash it down with one of their seasonal shakes, which in the past has been anywhere from Snozberry to Peppermint.

But I promised I’d unveil something new, so here it is: If you’re super hungry or just plain hate your heart, order The Roman. Named after one of the guys who used to drive The Meatyballs Mobile, this is a double bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between two full-grilled cheese sandwiches. Something tells me they’ll even give you some hurt on that if you ask … as if you needed more.

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