Five things to eat for a better face

pomegranateComing off a 21 day “progressive cleanse” has its benefits. The most apparent are weight loss and increased energy and vitality. But would you think that food and more importantly nutrition-packed produce could shave a few years off your face? Here is a quick peek at some age-defying grub which will have them guessing your face-age as gleaned from healthy resources including a great read, The Clear Skin Diet.

In no particular order:

  1. Whole grains. Now heed this warning: This means 100 percent whole grains and it can be very confusing with all of those ill-intended labels staring at you in the grocer’s aisle. Why, you ask? Because overly-refined and processed grain flours can be the culprit, where bad skin and acne are concerned, as they can have a lot of inflammatory properties. Actual whole grains like the queen of the ball, quinoa, contain antioxidants and at the same time will stabilize your blood sugar and also prevent insulin spikes.
  2. Cruciferous vegetables. These veggies, which include broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and kale, are also loaded with antioxidants. But they provide one other ingredient — sulfur — that the body needs to make its own high-powered antioxidants. Now taking this to the next level, try them in their raw form or better yet put them in a green smoothie to make sure you absorb all of their natural goodness.
  3. Purple and deep red foods. According to The Clear Skin Diet, foods containing anthocyanins are high in antioxidants and help maintain blood flow to the skin, promoting optimum cell turnover (essential for keeping pores clear). Acai, pomegranates, purple carrots, black grapes and beets are all great choices.
  4. Water. Water assists in the flushing or removal of harmful toxins from the body. Water also helps with hydration and gets the metabolism going first thing in the morning. Now we are talking about clean and healthful water and recommended home filtration systems like Pur or Brita are great for quenching your thirst.  Don’t stop there, make sure your vessel is BPA-free and opt for a metal or glass bottle.
  5. Green tea. Can’t get enough of this superfood!  “Among its numerous health benefits”, The Clear Skin Diet tells you,green tea also helps keep pimples from popping up. It’s chock-full of the antioxidant catechin EGCG, an effective anti-inflammatory. But beware of bottled green tea drinks, which often contain scads of added sugar and calories.”  Brew your own organic, free-trade green tea and use a natural sweetener like raw local honey or raw agave nectar to sweeten the deal.

The name of the game here is anti-inflammatory and and antioxidant foods. These delicious nuggets keep the body clean and free of nasty free radicals and undo stress, which premature the skin and add the years to an otherwise youthful spirit.

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