The 6

The six is Chicago Phoenix’s list of six remarkable stories from leading publications across the nation you may have missed.




Kevin Naff of the Washington Blade, Responding to Family Research Council shooting:

The shooting Wednesday at the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington serves as yet another painful reminder that hate speech coupled with America’s permissive gun culture equals tragedy.

Kathi Wolfe gives a tribute to David Rakoff.

Most of us, if we had cancer, wouldn’t be able to write not only well, but with humor, about our experience. This wasn’t so with Rakoff. “Hodgkin’s disease…is …,” he joked in the essay “I Used to Bank Here, But That Was Long Ago,” “So highly curable…that I like to refer to it as the dilettante cancer.”

Christian Burket tells PFOX: We don’t need your rehabilitation on LGBTQ Nation.

Instead of offering a shred of empirical data, PFOX put forward the argument that homosexuality is a detriment to one’s health by regurgitating CDC statistics; with no regard to their context or the CDC’s actual statements.

Marriage – Gay or Straight – is not about religion to Barbara Weicksel.

I’m not saying you have to accept gay marriage – I’m saying you have no legal right to ban it.

Rounding out our cross-country tour, Barb Hamp Weicksels’s being gay is not an opinion – it’s her life and Rev. Irene Monroe suggests that at 42, Paul Ryan is out-of-step with his generation.

One of Romney’s objectives in selecting Ryan is to entice young voters, a constituency Romney hopes will come out for his ticket in November in numbers comparable to that of Obama’s 2008 campaign. In having a young energetic and relatable candidate like Ryan, it revs up Romney’s campaign that has been uninspiring to young conservative voters.

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