African president says homosexuality must be eliminated

Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Leading a rally celebrating Uganda’s anti-gay laws, President Yoweri Museveni said that homosexuality is “not genetic. It is not congenital. It is behavior.”

Elected in 1986, Museveni is heading into a 2016 campaign to keep his job. He is a conservative Anglican with harsh views against lesbians and gays, believing that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice—sentiments shared by many Christians and Muslims throughout Africa.

“I said I am going to sign the bill because I am convinced, with the valuable information, that these people are not born like that. They just learn and they can unlearn what they have learned,” he argued.

In reaction to stringent laws against lesbians and gays in Uganda—among other oppressive policies—U.S. and European nations have either threatened to cut or are currently withholding financial aid earmarked for the country.

“We don’t need aid in the first place,” Museveni said of foreign aid. “A country like Uganda is one of the richest on earth.”

The reality is that Ugandans rely heavily on foreign aid.

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  1. Max

    Its obvious we have a leadership that believes staying in power entails demonising gays and transgendered persons. They very well know how to distance the “west” from their flagrant abuse of power and corruptible “genes”. So here I am gay, African and Christian….of the three I dont know which to.pick or leave but they are all me.

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