Skin! It’s time to check out the nude beach


Photo: Kenneth Edwards.

Skin, skin, and more skin!

That’s probably the best way I could describe my first experience at a nude beach—on a recent trip to the Costa del Sol in Spain. For my entry-level experience to the world of baring it all for the world to see, I chose to go to Playa Cabopino near Marbella. This beach was suggested by a Spanish local as one of the better, cleaner beaches that offers more than just sand and sun.

How do you actually get ready to go to a nude beach? Does one shave in places the sun literally has never shone before? Does one need to do extra crunches before hitting the sand? Does one need to make sure to lotion his ashy knees and ankles before strutting his stuff in front of naked strangers

Honestly, there is no amount of preparation that one has to do, need to do, or even worry about.

Okay, I’ll be honest in saying that I spent the day prior shaving my growing forest of a chest and stomach, and doing crunches until my sides hurt.

So I get there with my eight layers of clothes on and begin looking for the perfect space to set up. On one side of me was a male and female couple—naked as the day they were born—just laying there without a care in the world. On the other side, an overly tanned single gentleman was perfecting the bronze on every inch of his being.

Okay. First, my shirt.

Whew! That was easy! Only thirty percent of the way there.

Next. Off come my shoes, shorts, socks, and belt.

Now I’m down to my swimwear skivvies, just in case I chicken out and can’t go any further. At this point I panic, and have an anxiety attack because I’ve never done this before! And the moment has come where I need to go bold or go home.

By the way, some of my anxiety also centered on the fact that I’m the only Black American guy on the beach. That fed into my fears of measuring up to…



Well here goes.

Shorts drop.

Hell didn’t freeze over! Women and children didn’t run screaming. And life went on as normal. I can’t believe it was this easy!

No one cared that I was naked, probably because they were in the same state of undress. I probably looked more ridiculous in my hesitation than I ever did naked. Let me tell you, it’s the most freeing and liberating experience to have pure nature connect with your skin with sunlight, wind, sand, and water.

I will say, however, sand isn’t fun to discover in places that it’s never been before.

Okay, so I know you have very obvious questions about the experience.

Is everyone naked? No, some wear shorts, others wear a wrap. Some people wear a hat, while others don their birthday suits.

What if I get excited? Don’t parade it around and definitely don’t hit anyone in the eye with it.

Is everyone fit, slim, and trim on the beach? Definitely not, but no one cares either.

Are there gay people at the beach, too? Definitely. I saw a male couple holding hands, strolling down the beach.

Is it sexual? It can be if that’s what you’re looking for. It is, however, considered bad form to leer at people or draw attention to one’s excitement of the situation. I will mention that there was a cruisy area on the beach that was out of the main area. While this did not interest me at the time, or many of the other beach goers, we have to appreciate that there was no judgment or frowns upon those that chose to make that their experience.

So, being a gold star gay (extra points if you know what that means), I had never seen so many lady parts! I’ve got nothing against it, but I just wasn’t prepared for that.

As for dangly male bits, there were different shapes and sizes, and varying degrees of European-ness (interpret that as you wish). Body types range from short to tall, skinny to healthy, pasty-white to tanned, and everything in between. I say that to reinforce that there is no need for shame or hesitation. The only attitude that will get in the way is your own views—on nudity in its rawest form.

Overall, some of the last bits of advice that I can offer is to have a good time and don’t think too much about it.

Take a friend with you, to laugh about the whole thing as you both experience it together. Get a good pair of sunglasses—so you can look at the hot six-pack Spanish guy without getting caught. Not that I did that or anything.

Oh, and please don’t forget to put on sunscreen! As a Black guy, I’m not prone to sunburn. But I could only imagine what a sunburn would be like on your little guy and both ass cheeks.

What do you think?

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  1. Stephen

    Sounds interesting. I’m a “gold star gay”, too! I would definitely need quite a bit of sunscreen to protect my Irish, ummm, let’s call it heritage 😉

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