Renaissance man Will Sheridan to be Pride parade grand marshal

will_sheridan_2-DUPThe 45th annual Chicago Pride parade will have a grand marshal who’s done a little of everything, though he’s still in his 20s.

Will Sheridan, the grand marshal for the June 29 parade, is an athlete, musician, writer and activist, among other things.

He played college basketball at Villanova and pro basketball overseas, and discussed his decision to come out with ESPN’s Bob Ley on the network’s “Outside the Lines” program.

Sheridan also has covered music and night life for Source Magazine, and he now is a recording artist himself.

In addition, he has helped to set up a non-profit, Riuru Rising, that assists children in Kenya.

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  1. Calvin

    Lol, Marko! Hasn’t Greg Harris already been the Gay Pride Grand Marshall? Doesn’t a gay, racial minority who happens to be HIV-Negative deserve to be so honored?

  2. Marko

    How dare you????? This is the year we finally got equality in his state. This MONTH even. You honor a 20 year old???? Wtf is wrong with you?? How about Greg Harris???? The man who spent countless nights advocating and fighting for our rights to be considered equal human beings I this Tate and for what??? For you to dishonor him in his way??? You dare speak as if you are the voice of this community. Very far from it my friends. Very far. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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